Complete Guide to Growing Your Mineral Rights Business

Mineral Rights Blueprint

"We were using outdated methods in our business before we found the principles in this guide!" -Andrew ( Appalachian Basin)

the complete step by step guide to growing your mineral rights business

Business Formation/Branding

  Learn how to form your Business LLC, Website, Marketing, Logo, Business Phone Number,  and Office Address

Target Buy Areas

Learn the exact areas to target mineral rights owners, and the hottest drilling areas in the continental U.S. Learn How to value mineral rights. 

Oil and Gas Data Websites

Learn where to find important oil and gas websites needed to collect landowner data and oil and gas production information. How to search properties using GIS mapping websites. 

Contacts and Organization

  We show you the best customer relationship and calling software systems  to dial hundreds of landowners per day. Automate your prospecting.

Find out the best tools and websites to outsource data entry and research landowner information.

Mineral Rights Agreements

You will receive excel spreadsheets to organize each of your mineral rights deals. You will receive word documents of purchase sale agreements, assignments, order for payments to send to mineral rights owners.  You will also receive example mineral rights presentation packets. 

Company Directory

 We will give you a directory of mineral rights buyers, private equity firms, and operators. Streamline your business with these important companies contact information. 

Collect Large Mineral Rights Fees

We will show you exactly how you can collect five and six figure mineral rights wholesale fees from large end buyers and private equity firms. 

Automate Your Mineral Rights Business

We will show you how to prospect and organize hundreds of landowner leads per day using calling and customer relationship management software specifically tailored for this business. 

Mineral Rights Company Directory

We will give you a complete directory of oil and gas companies and mineral rights end buyers. This list will include phone numbers, email addresses, LinkedIn accounts, and physical addresses. 

explode your business this year

97% of customers found a new mineral rights deal within one month

88% of purchasers had a ROI of 10x or greater

53% of customers doubled their mineral rights wholesale business profits